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CAP60 is a leading provider of Centralized Client and Case Management systems for Non-Profit agencies nationwide.

Our Data Management system meets the specific requirements of a number of programs such as Head Start, Community Action Programs, Domestic Violence, Youth Assistance, Foster Care, ARC, HMIS, and Transportation programs.

CAP60 serves agencies in over 40 states nationwide as well as agencies in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Canada. Our system is designed to track all the funding sources for your programs: Local, County, and State wide.

CAP60 can be customized to meet the needs of any agency with an emphasis in Self Sufficiency, Outcomes, and Productivity.



LOS ANGELES, CA – JUNE 27, 2016 CAP60 is proud to announce a growing presence within Missouri’s Domestic Violence & Shelters agencies. Over the last month, three Domestic Violence agencies have chosen to partner with CAP60 to reduce time spent processing case management and reporting, and increase time spent with their clients.   Dr. Stephanie Logan, Executive Director at The L.E.A.D. Institute, wanted to find a software to “standardize and streamline” the data collection process. Prior to CAP60, she found that her agency spent nearly as much time tracking data as they spent time serving their clients. After careful research and a recommendation from Avenues (a CAP60 client since 2015), Dr. Logan selected CAP60 to simplify tedious victim information collection. With the CAP60 Solution in place, “The L.E.A.D. Institute can now increase time spent with clients”, and continue to improve the lives of victims in their community. With the CAP60 Solution in place, time will now be spent with clients as desired.   Lydia’s House, another newly partnered Domestic Violence agency, is leaving spreadsheets in the past and upgrading to an automated system which simplifies capturing “a variety of victim data”, says Lisa Moseley, Program Director, adding that the system is “user-friendly and cost effective”.  CAP60 delivers a customized software application that meets the specific needs for Domestic Violence agencies while maintaining full

Brookes Publishing Co.

Brookes Publishing Co.

CAP60 Partners with Brookes Publishing Co. to Bring CLASS® Tracking and Reporting to the CAP60 Data Management System. Los Angeles, CA – November, 21 2015 CAP60 and Brookes Publishing are pleased to announce that automated scoring and reporting functions for the Classroom Assessment Scoring System® (CLASS®) will be integrated into the CAP60 management system. An observational tool used by all Head Start programs as part of the Office of Head Start Designation Renewal System and for ongoing professional development, the CLASS® tool objectively measures the quality of teacher–student interaction. Validated by more than 10 years of research in educational settings, the CLASS® measure helps pinpoint areas of strength and areas for growth, providing critical information that programs and schools can use to guide improvement efforts. Now, after completing their CLASS® observations, CAP60 Head Start users will be able to enter results into their system for automated scoring. With just a few mouse clicks, users can easily generate several reports to help monitor CLASS® scores for large programs and track changes over time. Because of the considerable time savings, users will appreciate this convenient new functionality. Hamid Kohan, president of CAP60 says, “CAP60 is dedicated to improving our software and helping to make data entry and reporting easier and more efficient for Head Start agencies. This partnership with Brookes Publishing does just that by integrating cla

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In today's compliancy and outcome driven world, here are the TOP 5 questions you must ask about the software you are currently using:

In today's compliancy and outcome driven world, here are the TOP 5 questions you must ask about the software you are currently using:

1. What is the Vendor’s reputation and standing in the market? It's important to check out a company's reputation. Find out how they treat their clients. Are they a one and done or do they stand by their product with updates and support throughout the entire business/client relationship? 2. Does the vendor have a proven implementation methodology & strong support system? Do they just had you the software and leave you alone to set it up and figure it out yourself, or do they help through the implementation and setup process? Do they offer ongoing support for the life of the product or do they charge every time you need help or only until the next version is out? 3. Will the software be able to grow with the agency and adapt to future compliancy needs? Is the software customizable to meet your future needs? Does the company invest in improving and updating the system? Does the software monitor and react to compliancy changes quickly? 4. How easy it to be the software administrator? How much training is required to become a system administrator? Does this need to be a full time position or can it be handled as part of an existing position? 5. Does the software support mobile devices? More and more agencies are using mobile devices to enable them to go out into the community and add a more personal touch to the services they provide, will your software allow that or can it only be used effectively on a desktop or laptop computer? Since we don't know what software

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  • Head StartThe service your company provides is top quality – from answering my questions, to the request of information, or adaptations in order to meet our company’s needs, to the promptness of your representative’s responses. You are active listeners understanding our unique requirements, and are able to improvise when requested. Cap 60 definitely displays the concepts of teamwork and communication that we are looking for.–ROGER LUTTRELL, CDI HEAD START SERVING CENTRAL WASHINGTON

  • Community Action AgencyThe CAP 60 system is proving to be what we had expected: a solution to multiple needs within our Agency.  Our implementation has been supported by CAP 60 in several wir responsiveness has been a clear plus.  Their ticketing system for queries facilitates solutions by being user-friendly, easy to use and informative.  It is further supported by responsive staff.  Their communication during all phases has supported our efforts to improve process change roll-outs.–THOMAS TENORIO, COMMUNITY ACTION AGENCY OF BUTTE COUNTY, INC.

  • Nick AudetteCAP60 has been a pleasure to work with. They have been very understanding of our needs and have gone above and beyond to help us achieve a true unduplicated count of CSBG outcomes–NICK AUDETTE, MAHUBE – OTWA COMMUNITY ACTION PARTNERSHIP, INC..

  • Help CommunityHELP-New Mexico has utilized CAP60 for over five years. The ease of use, flexibility, and reasonable cost were the main reasons that we have chosen to remain with CAP60. CAP60 is an organization that pursues quality has rigorously as we do. This is evident in the development of reports and functionality that is easy for the user, and essential for the agency. The support team is very knowledgeable and responsive to the needs of child development and community action agencies. We continually are pleased with not only the high quality software, but with the communication with the company that meets our needs.–CHRIS MASTERS, HELP - NEW MEXICO, INC..

  • FACTinc300I am the database administrator for F.A.C.T., Inc. located in El Dorado, Arkansas. We have been a customer of CAP60 for approximately one year now. Our agency provides Head Start and State program services for 830 children. We operate 21 preschool centers (46 classrooms), 5 home-based programs, and serve 32 children in Early Head Start. In the past year, CAP60 has been very reliable and capable of handling all of our needs. The company seems very knowledgeable in Head Start requirements, in particular with the information needed for the annual PIR reports. They made the process of collecting the data for the PIR much more streamlined than our past database software had.–DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR,F.A.C.T., INC.