LOS ANGELES, CA- JULY 9TH, 2011 – CAP60, the leader in the Community Action Agency Data Management technology sector, announced it has contracted with over nine counties in the state of Minnesota. CAP60 will provide comprehensive centralized agency data management systems. These agencies will utilize CAP60 solution to provide community services, increase outcomes, and provide accurate reporting to state officials.

CAP60 is a highly integrated client tracking, program management and reporting system which includes real time reporting, application in-take, eligibility indicators, case management, volunteer tracking and follow-ups. The core benefits are to efficiently increase outcomes, productivity and tracking.

“CAP60 combines advanced technology with a great understanding of Community Action Program management to create this unique solution,” said CAP60 President Hamid Kohan. “CAP60’s customized, affordable solution creates a scalable and flexible technology solution for centralized data management system that includes Head Start, Weatherization, CSBG programs and much more. And it achieve all that without an expensive technology infrastructure normally associated with this type of application. As a result, we look forward to further expansion in other states in the near future.

About CAP60

CAP60 is a provider of comprehensive Agency and Program Management tools that are designed for use by Community Action Programs, Head Start, Early Head Start as well as other Health and Human Services. CAP60’s customized applications are designed to meet data collection, tracking and reporting needs within an agency. In addition, CAP60’s complete solution includes business process automation, and intranet solution.